Time Compression

And then class was over.

We got started late and then went into the break and then class was over. I can't decide if I like it when class flys by and there has been a loss of time or frustrating because it didn't feel like I was working hard. Well, you know I was working hard, but you know what I mean.

One and two step sparring for the first hour. It was pointed out that I didn't need that many strikes after a block. Teacher Slim pointed that out to me in a rather memorable fashion. I was favoring a short rib strike followed by an elbow or two quick punches to the head. So he pulls me to the side and punches me in the short ribs. Naturally, I curled up around his fist like a slug around a new flower. He pointed out that my head was no longer in the same position and, therefore, I shouldn't be punching to that space.

So after a lot of retooling I started thinking with my legs. Lots of knees to the head of the bent over guy.

After break the mats came out. Since Teacher Slim was there it meant that locks and throws were going down. After I don't know how many chokes, throws and locks class was halted. Learned an awesome counter for the rear seated choke if I can move fast enough.

I still couldn't go to sleep until Eleven.


Miss Chris said…
I always liked the classes that went by fast. It made the beatings I took seem shorter!
uchi deshi said…
Thanks for the message. Sorry for the confusion. It's me all the way. I'm just childish at heart. :)))
Patrick Parker said…
Dude, that time compression phenomenon has always interested me. Brings to mind a quote by some smart, but anonymous guy:

"Time flies like an arrow - Fruit flies like a bannana."

Anyway, did you consiider the fact that the time dilation you experienced might have been from being choked out ;-)
[Mat] said…
Did you get choked out until sleep time?


After class, I can't go to sleep. In fact, I'm awake until.... midnight at least.
Potatoe Fist said…
The burst of energy that comes after a choke has to be pure adrenaline. I can't sleep until eleven after beatings anyway. The Adrenaline jab certainly doesn't help.

Truely, being choked doesn't help with time and it probably kills brain cells as well.
[Mat] said…
Running helps. Around 3-4 minutes. Don't ask me why. :-)

After class, I always run a bit and then strech. It usually helps.


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