gym note

8:55 mile, 205 bench, 205 squat. 40 years old!


Miss Chris said…
Dang! I'm impressed!
Patrick Parker said…
That's pretty good speed - just over 6.5mph - right? I can't make m fat legs move that fast but I do walk 4mph up a 8-12% grade on the tread.

I donno what I can squat with a bar, but with a reclining squat machine I can push about 400lbs. I guess if you factor in my weight, that's a free squat of a good bit less than yours.

Good job, keep up the good work!
Potatoe Fist said…
Don't get too excited for me. I woke up crippled today. One of my knees has a dull ache. I did 7mph at 1% grade. It doesn't feel very macho when I have to run to the bottle of Ibuprofen.

I skipped beatings tonight because of soreness. My ribs and hip on one side are killing me. I'm not feeling very good at the moment.
[Mat] said…

go dude!

205lbs bench?? I barely lift 120. :)

squat, I have no idea. don't do it at home.


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