Blood and Softness

Where do they come from? In the shower last night after beatings I noticed two holes in my hand and something that looks like a burn mark on one forearm. I can't remember doing or receiving anything that would create these but there you have it.

The first hour was dedicated to sticky hands! This is rare, but fun as hell. Nilon and I did it for a full half hour without the shoulder strain that usually accompanys the exercise. I assume that means that I was relaxed enough to learn.

Second hour was a big shift - soft block and evade. This is one of those integration things that is apparently very hard for me. TSD is so hard style and then Teacher shifts gears and makes things all touchy feely which I apparently suck so bad at that I create a vacuum. Still interesting and fun. And when done correctly requires no muscle. Fast night.


Silverstar said…
I get those mysterious bumps and bruises too!
I used to do sticky hands in Kung Fu. Interesting exercise for sure.
Potatoe Fist said…
I can understand the bruises most of the time and maybe the rope burn aspect of the one I got on Tuesday, but I really don't understand the holes. My hands look they've been peppered or bitten by my cat.
[Mat] said…
Weird for sure...

did you find out?
Potatoe Fist said…
No - I can only assume a finger nail or something. None of that stuff registers during the class of course.

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