Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Short story Long

It's been a couple of weeks, but my wife left town and I had a couple of side jobs in the evening so no beatings for two whole weeks. I was actually dreading going back tonight but it turned out great. The first hour was Nut and I (I can't call him that anymore so I'm re branding him Ninlon (Nut who Is No LOnger Nut).

I had been jonesing for some contact and Ninlon was ready to go. It was almost organic how things came together, but I'd have to pull out every couple of minutes because I'd lose the pattern. It was all hands but it was beautiful.

Techniques from Teacher have a natural migration anyway, but tonight it seems extra clear. First was the two punch and the other person would try to get inside. This lead to chin and throat strikes and then lead to throws.

I'm not sure how I feel about throws. I love them, but I'm not good at them. My height plays against me and then I use muscle which defeats the purpose. So the second hour was an endless practice of getting my hip in and taking the balance of the uki. Very difficult, but I got a couple in. For the first time I actually knew what they were talking about. Beard was my unfortunate uki most of the time since he's my around my height, but letting go of my muscle use is tough.

Good to be back even with my back in knots.


Anonymous said...

I suck at most throws. I have a problem with my back staying straight. I also have a problem with my knee buckling in. How do you work on that? Maybe I need to do more squats with someone on my back or something. I don't know.

Mathieu said...

It's kind of easier to use muscles at first. Keep at it! Those throws will be more natural in the end.

Potatoe Fist said...

I remember seeing this really hard style karate guy do the 100 man challenge on Google video once. They showed part of his training and it including doing squats with another guy on their shoulders. Balance and strength!

Personally my skill with throws is so poor I don't think I'm qualified to speak about it, but there are a couple of factors that I'm working on - hip placement (I'm often not far enough over) and taking the uki's balance - basically getting them to move forward so the throw requires a minimum of effort on your part.

I know all this academically, but can't make it come together yet. If we practiced more frequently I think it might come better as Mat suggests.

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