Knife attacks always hurt

I'm writing fast today because I don't have a lot of time at work. Here's the skinny version.

No Kid Speed! Not the most demonstrative person I've ever met, but this does seem mysterious to me. Of course at 15 I assume he's thinking about girls and what his friends are thinking about. In the years I've known him I've never heard him string together more than five words together. At his age I couldn't shut up (I'm not much different at this point).

We started with kick combos and then knife attacks. Exercise one was low inside crescent (to foil low kick or movement forward), then other foot roundhouse, followed by punch punch. Very awkward and definitely not smooth for me. After lots of corrections we changed to low inside crescent, switch foot round house, remain balanced then with same foot back kick. That worked great because I didn't have to bring my weight back around.

Knife attacks always hurt. I have a bad habit of blocking down instead of across because of height difference and me not twisting my torso until too late. This means that the point of our wood knives find themselves embedded in my boobie. Ouch.

So after lots of corrections and a variety of attacks and defenses we went to the stairs. Teacher had taught practical self-defense in the past and had obviously thought it would work with a small class. We went to the stair case and learned how to foil attacks from every direction. This means that I took a lot of sprawls down the steps. My feet felt a little bruised as I'd fly down the steps trying to find a spot and inevitably miss.


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