Video Review

This is me doing Bassai. Try not to gag.

Yes, I'm not very anonymous. Yes I'm crappy at it, but I've only done it three or four times. Yes I'm wearing a tye dye gi. Our water was bad one season and my wife had some extra dye laying around.

This is me doing Pyung ahn o dan. Much smoother in my opinion, but less complicated. Sorry for the extraneous video. I have to learn how to edit.

I'll try to get a better view and better video in the future.


[Mat] said…
Hey nice!
Patrick Parker said…
Hey man, groovy gi! ;-) Bassai is one of my favorites. The TSD version is a little bit different than what I remember of the more Shotokan-ized version that I practiced, but what you're doing is certainly recognizable as bassai. Great start!
Jill said…
I'm still trying to get pass over the tyedye gi!!! They let you go at your dojo like that??
It is fun to actually see another style than mine, and see a kata
Jill said…
(And forgot to say, I thought you were a woman!! Oups, my wrong!! Thank for clearing things up!!)
Andy said…
Wow, cool gi!! You've given me an idea for what to do to my spare ;-)Good lookin' kata.
Potatoe Fist said…
The more senior of our Sensei's learned his stuff in the 60's and 70's. His wife would make his gi's out of paisley and such. I got the idea from them.
frotoe said…
The videos are cool too! I can see a lot of similarities to our Passai Sho and Passai Dai, and the other is similar to our Pinan Godan.

(hey- can you allow non-blogger comments so i can sign in w/my wordpress account?)
Potatoe Fist said…
I think I've opened the comments for all now. Thanks for letting me know.

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