Kicks and Wrists

Arms of Steel was back in the class last night. It was nice to have someone else in class for the first hour. We started off working on Bassai and making AOS do it as well. Poor guy was sweating and spinning around trying to figure out what the next step was. I think I'll be ready for video in a week or two.

On to kicks. Spinning side kick and crescents were flying. Flying knee! This is totally new to me, so it took 20 times to get anywhere near what it was supposed to be like to be effective.

So the application was a crescent kick to move the hand or object out of the way (in my case a shot to the head; height and flexibility are on my side) then a side kick to knee or gut. The finish was knee to the face or falling back fist to the neck or back of head. If we chose the knee straightener then the opponent should still be upright prepped for knee to gut. So fun!

2nd hour. Wrist locks to throw. I've been doing this for years and it dawned upon me that I'm not doing it at all. I've been using muscle for every aspect that I am unable to do correctly. This is so upsetting! Now I've got partners that won't budge unless I do things exactly correct. What a blow to my ego.

- I have to be relaxed. If my muscles are tense then they tense.
- Turning into opponent. My lead foot must be placed like I'm prepping for a kick - heel as pointer.
- Keep elbow up. They will get you if you don't have that up.
- Fold that wrist! Straight fold is somewhat painful, but fold with twist is what puts people down.

I couldn't sleep because of wrist pain. Beard put the ouch on me. It was nice to see that he wasn't immune to using muscle when things didn't go correctly. Unfortunately, it was with me. His judo background seemed to have gone to hell at one point because throw that comes after the lock was super explosive. I hadn't hit hard in a long time. Thankfully my slap was timed well and took the sting out. After that happened I felt a great deal of simpatico towards him because his frustration was showing much as mine does. Heee.


[Mat] said…
You know, lots of judo trainee forget technique and focus on strengh alone.

That produces bad technique. Wrestling.
Good judo technique is very hard to do, but once done right, little or no effort is necessary. It is not called ju(soft)do(way) for nothing.

I usually end up trying strengh on lock that don't work. Sensei always corrects me saying that it's not an advantage technically speaking. strengh against strengh = arm wrestling.

Technique always wins over brute force. Women have the best judo/aikido/locks/throws. The MUST use technique as force will not work.

But it's indeed very easy to forget when that lock doesn't work. :D

heee indeed.

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