In TSD Bassei is supposed to be the last kata before black belt, but our school is not hung up about that kind of thing. However, I've been itching to learn something new after doing the first 8 katas for years now. So I've taken it upon myself to learn Bassei on my own and then broach the subject with Sensei.

I suspect I'm breaching protocol here and I haven't really learned the whole thing (it's got like 60+ moves), but I have to approach Teacher and make sure I'm not being an overreaching ass.

Beyond the protocol issue Bassei is pretty cool, but learning from video is brutal. Constant rewinding and then writing it down makes me dream about it. However, practically, I feel like I'm learning the first kata over again because of the lack of flow I feel.


[Mat] said…
Bassai is my next kata.
It is supposed to mean "breaching a fortress".

One important point in the form (tang soo doo way) is that this kata represents the snake, the cobra to be precise. Therefore, some movements are fast and hard, some are slow and deliberate.

The flow is definitely hard to get. As it is in every new kata ;D
Chinto will be even worse.

I think it's a nice approach. Best of luck :)
Potatoe Fist said…
I'm almost all the way through. I have to stop at each section to think about what comes next. No snakiness there.

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