I was told by Teacher Slim long ago that when you do Kata you should be out of breath from the exertions involved.

Fast forward four plus years and after doing one kata I'm mildly out of breath assuming I did it well. I can't tell if it was because I was really doing a great job or was holding my breath. I'm forcing myself to breath out on every strike.

Last night - In order to feel more productive Vet and I did our normal warm up (the one that a class would do together) and took the video. I just took a look at Bassai (is that how you spell it?) and realized I left out a portion. Teacher suggests learning in two parts. I guess I should have done that automatically.

It was knife fighting night. Vet had dislocated some bones in his hand, but still wanted to play so when he was uke I had to take attacks from his left.

I found that I'm rudimentary in my response whereas he is filled with fabulous take downs and painful binds beyond his experience. Feeling kinda white belt...


[Mat] said…
Yeah, Bassai.

Out of breath? That's a first.
When we see the higher graded MA around here, they're merely breathing heavily by the end of kata's.

I'm out of breath, but I don't get how to breathe right. Ah, to each their own I guess.

Glad classes are going well.

Potatoe Fist said…
Perhaps out of breath was too strong of a choice of words. Definitely breathing hard though.
[Mat] said…
you must be doing something right then.

I still ahve to get how to do it rithg yet. or to spell right...

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