Normally the fear of injury, the lack of energy, the endless dark, or frustrations with other students have a way making beatings very difficult to get motivated for. Although every once in awhile I'm reinvigorated as if I was in that first year again. I'm trying to figure out why that was the case last night, because I was totally energized and ready to go.

Maybe it was the good dinner or I was just very rested and mentally and emotionally in a good place. I ended up warming up at home while my wife and I watched TV. I wanted to get those kicks just right and be limber as I could be.

Class was pretty standard, but one of the kicks we worked on the was the back kick. I'm ashamed to say that we haven't worked on it in ages. That means I haven't been practicing it either. So we worked and worked and my hamstrings were feeling like banjo strings - ouch.

Kid Speed is a step away from his Brown belt. This means that he is capable of doing most, if not all, techniques and demostrating mastery in them, but he's a horrible teacher. Admitedly, he's a high school kid, but he's super star. So Teacher takes the last 15 minutes of class to force him to teach us a technique. So, although, I'm not anywhere as good as him, I ended up whispering into his ear suggestions for expanding on the lesson. Teacher didn't tell me to shut up, so I thought it went well, but the class was well into heckling about half way. Teacher didn't stop this either, but Kid Speed didn't seem bothered. Nice. I can see that he'll be dynamic once he starts explaining things instead of doing them automatically.


[Mat] said…
I felt the same way. I WANTED to go to class. It felt great.

I'm like kid Speed. I can do things, but I'm horrible at teaching. I'm working on that. :)

Being good is a blessing and a curse. You don't have to think about what you're doing.

But showing what you're doing is another story.

With time he'll probably be good :)

be well

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