Anxiety again

So much for the energy of Tuesday. I forced myself to go to beatings and was surprised when we only had four people. This is usually a great class because it's almost like private lessons. Teacher had us pair up and start randori. I got paired with Check. She's probably a foot shorter than me so it means that she has to get inside to be effective. And effective she is. She can tangle my arms and set me up for a kick regularly. I can only be effective at the end of my reach. So I attack and try to stay away. I didn't feel like a superstar.

At the end of class Teacher pulled me aside and he said that I'll be testing for my next rank in the next two weeks or so. I told me that I wished he wouldn't let me know ahead of time and he replied, "well, you don't actually know what day it is." Touche.

Anxiety is now my close friend even though I think I'll be fine.


[Mat] said…
Good anxiety though!

Look at it this way :

What happens if you fail the test?

Not much after all. You still have learned a lot and will learn more again.

A test is just a test. It becomes something else if you have expectations. :) But who doesn't have expectations!

I know I get stressed as can be for these tests!

be well and best of luck.
frotoe said…
oooh good luck on your test! i would be anxious too. just take it slow, don't try to rush thru anything. I'm sure you'll do great.
Potatoe Fist said…
Thanks for your support!
[Mat] said…
Sorry I haven't responded yet to the makiwara question.

I'm missing time right now.

I promise I'll answer when time is more on my side.

Be well,

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