T-Day prep

The bone chilling temperature rose a couple of degrees so the apathy it brings was alleviated. This means that pretty much everyone showed up for class and was ready to go early. After warm ups we did punches, blocks and kicks to get everyone on the same page and then did basic drills.

At half time I went over to Nut and apologized for my behavior and as I speculated, he didn't even have an idea of what I was talking about, but was very empathetic and pointed out that he suffers from similar feelings and ends up walking out every once in awhile to catch his thoughts.

After half time I partnered with the new guy, Vet. Friendly with no formal training beyond what he received in the Marines, Vet makes randori and sparring very enjoyable. He doesn't mind closing and infighting taller opponents and knows how to use what he knows. I'll look forward to continuing to be partnered with him.

I just started reading "Zen and the Martial Arts" by Joe Hyams. It's just a collection of anecdotes and I'm hoping to extract a few gems from it's pages.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.


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