Goodbye to Doc

We had a full night! It's unusual that we have so many of our class show up once. We had a guy from the kids class move up and join our class. He seems very serious and I was later informed that he has been home-schooled most of his life. I guess this indicates abrupt social skills, but time will tell. Nutbag showed up and appeared to be having a good night. I got paired with him as usual, much to my chagrin, but his arms appeared to be even more sensitive than mine and Teacher Slim loitered around focusing him somewhat so the practice went well. I got another insight from this. I think I've been intimidated about his innate skill and disgusting youthful vigor. Last night he didn't appear to have either going for him. I'm the man.

Last night was Doc's final night. He's been coming for about a year or so off and on as his schedule allowed. His mere presence reinforces the idea that martial arts practitioners can come every walk of life. As one of the preeminent scientists in our town he experiences some notoriety by playing in rock bands and night and still remains his scholarly demeanor during the day.

After class Beard, Teacher, Check, Doc and myself went to the bar and had a little Tequila and shared some stories. I told him about my flash of jealousy when he first started and appeared to have an instant grasp of rolls and simple wrist locks, things I still struggle with doing regularly. My pleasure what apparent when he appeared mystified that we had even thought about him. He shared the reason why he came in the first place. Urban fear. What I assume is the standard concern about having to deal with a conflict with a stranger.

The whole thing left me maudlin as we made our way into the night and ever present downpour.


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