Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pain and Suffering

I know most of the people who read this have experienced bumps, breaks and bruises and I'm no exception, so I thought I'd post a nice bruise I got last night. I'm not sure how I got it or any of the other I picked up, but I'm creaking this morning.

So Teacher Slim was in and Teacher decided to make the whole evening devoted to mat time. I found that I'm definitely used to one hour of this compared to two hours. Beard is used to hours of breakfalls and hard landings, but I can honestly say that I'm good for about 20 and then I get up really slow after that.

We practiced most of our Aikido type moves. I gathered from some videos that Teacher Slim's Sensei in Washington, Chinen (sp?), utilized the locks and throws of Aikido without knowing it or co opted it somewhere along the way. No matter the history I can certainly vouch for the efficacy of the lock and throw. I'm also a connoisseur of pain at this point. The problem is that when my partner starts exerting the lock I end up going into the fall before I should in order to avoid the worst of the pain. This is inherently bad for the new person because they begin think that the throw point is somewhere else. Thank goodness we rotated so people can get an idea of everyone's different break point.

Last thought. I got partnered with Nutbag last night. I've got to change his nickname, but I'm not sure to what at this point, but last night every time he would try to try something "funny" coming out of a throw I would make a "mistake" and fall on him. By funny I mean he trys to do a counter or something beyond his skill level. I realized that he feels that he's mastering the moves and feels like moving on. A common error with a lot of folks who have some innate skill. So in an incredibly immature fashion I would get pissy and give him direct result of not practicing the basic move. My classic was to drive a knee into his waist when he'd pull me over. I'm a dumbass for doing that instead of verbal instruction. I'm shamed.

I'm still having issues. Any ideas where my head needs to at?


Miss Chris said...

That is one nasty bruise. Nutbag's got to go!

Definitely link me to your blog. Thanks! I'll do the same.

Potatoe Fist said...

Thanks for the support, but I think I probably need to mature to be honest with you.

Patrick Parker said...

Impressive bruise. I remember when I first started Judo I'd have massive black and green bruises on my outer thighs and ass and shoulders and biceps. The painful hand-shaped bruises on biceps are the worst.

Your description of Nutbag is familiar to me. If you werent somewhere in the frozen tundra i'd think that Nutbag must have attended some of my classes over the years.

Yours is a very cool blog. I especially like the nicknames you've given everyone to protect the innocent. Keep up the good work!

Lizzie Woolley said...

Wow. Small world. Teruo Chinen used to be my Sensei. I quit his dojo because of the way I was treated.

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