I should take a moment to introduce some of the students in the school. Tonight's focus is on Mr. P. I've lived in various spots up North and due to the small population I tend to run into people I've known in the past. I met Mr. P over ten years ago through his Mom. Due to an eclectic up-bringing and some interesting career choices Mr. P had a lot of rage and a deep fixation on conflict. Much like myself he had dabbled in different martial arts. Although from my perspective he appeared to love boxing.

His interaction with our teacher taught me an important factor - it's hard to unlearn compared to learning something new. The common line that started showing up was, "that's great, but lets work on what we learned."

Anyway the visiting/departing sensei of some hard style Karate visits with his one protoge and we do our warm ups and break into twos for various exercises. After some rotation of partners I was able to see Mr. P cut loose. Uninhibited sparring is his joy. The end of the night he was covered in bruises and had a torn gi from the faux knife fighting.

Lots of grappling hints.

When I was partnered with the visitor I was struck with his high energy level. He had either poor control or didn't care about control. A couple of shots on me were shocking, but didn't hurt more than a second or two. I'm just not used to it that's for sure. At the end of class I realized I was pleased that our teacher had taught most if not all principles that the visitor had come up with. It allowed me to compare his knowledge to an outside source and find that it was good.


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