Time Shift

Holy crap, times fly. I've had ups and downs and many times that I didn't feel like I was moving forward and actually moving back. I wished I could have kept the details over the years, but trying to express what was going on was very difficult. I guess writing down feelings takes more concentration and ability than the average guy might have. Regardless of my abilities I feel like I've recently come through another frustrating period of learning.

Over the last couple of years I'd run into a problem with one of the other classmates. This would usually consist of the other guy "picking" on me. For example a fellow student would take a "shot" at me or put me into a submission hold. Being unable to do much I'd have to sit there and wait for them to let go. So I get angry. I realize that there was a maturity level involved; me being appropraite while the other person is being a dumbass - that kind of thing.

The classic is with the new guy, Nutbag. He gets jacked up on adrenaline and can't wait to make a grab at me. The standard - the headlock that I feel obliged to fight against. It's a no win for me because I shouldn't have gotten into it in the first place. I remember when Beard would do this and I'd get angry inside. After many months he's become a friend and someone I truly respect. Hah. What will time reveal. Most of the people who are intense end up leaving or I grow in such a way that it no longer becomes an issue.

My rank is currently a green belt with one brown tab. Teacher tells me that I'll be testing for the next tab in the next month. Kid Speed is going to be up for the full brown sometime in the near future. Wow. He moves so smoothly I can see it easily. I'm clunky in my own eyes.

Our current class is now split between kids and adults. The kids class starts at 6pm and can normally have 15 students. The adult class unfortunately has about 5 to 7. Currently we've got Me, Beard, Nutbag, Kid Speed, Check, and as of Thursday Kick and her husband. The two new folks will really fill things out only if we can get Kid Speed and Check to continue to show up regularly. Check is off schedule due to her breast lift. I guess after three kids and 40 plus years she was tired of having her boobs sit in her lap. Sounds sensible. I hate it when I gain a little weight and have to take panting breaths when I bend over to stretch my hamstrings, so I can only imagine her discomfort. No wonder she doesn't like flips.

School's starting next week so Kid Speed should be back. At 15 years of age he's managed to sprain my fingers, toes and on one special occasion my ankle. I went down like sack of bricks, but even as I lay on the floor writhing in agony I had to admit it was a beautiful counter kick.


frotoe said…
hahaha- I love it! you know when you're a true martial arts geek when you're lying in pain yet still appreciating the kick that brought you there..

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